Poets in Pajamas 2020 Call for Readers

September 01, 2019 — Poets in Pajamas (PiP), a Sundress Publications reading series is putting together the slate of readers for 2020 and would like to invite you to apply to read. 

Poets in Pajamas is a live-feed online reading series, hosted by Sundress Publications, which prides itself on producing high-quality poetry readings for an online audience. Readers read from their own work for fifteen minutes and then field questions for an additional ten or fifteen. (See examples, here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/poetsinpajamas/videos/)

We are interested in hearing from ALL writers (we accept both poetry and prose readers) but we also particularly want to welcome writers who identify as being a part of disenfranchised or marginalized communities (such as but not limited to, people of color, immigrant populations, native and indigenous people, LGBTQ+, d/Deaf and Disabled, non-binary people, members of non-dominant religious groups, all women, Dreamers, formerly incarcerated, and more). We want to host you and promote your work. 

To apply, send three poems or up to five pages of prose and a short video clip of you reading (NOT a recorded reading in front of a crowd), please send a new video of you reading at home or in your garden, in front of your computer, or in your living room. This is NOT a call for produced sessions). Read for no more than 1 to 3 minutes (less is more), and please also attach a bio and author photo (and work samples) in one email to poetsinpajamas@gmail.com. Submissions close November 01, 2019.

Invitations to read will be sent in mid-to-late December.

Note: We are NOT concerned with audio/video quality here, nor your appearance—don’t stress, just use your phone and show us that you have a good audio/video presence, a good sense of a digital audience. We are NOT judging you based on your weight or what you’re wearing or whether you did your hair. We are looking for that magical combination wherein the poet/writer writes wonderful words we want to hear AND is willing to engage with a camera AND knows how to give a good reading. Really, one to three minutes, read as you would at any reading, one poem, or one paragraph, don’t overthink. Please apply!

Have you ever considered how many people either really miss getting out to readings because they don’t live near a literary city/don’t have time/can’t get to them? These are the people who will rarely be at your readings but want to see you read, want to know your work better, and want to love you. PiP would like to help you and they find one another.

Poets in Pajamas is a Sundress Publications reading series.

PiP 62 Featuring Tzynya Pinchback

Author Photo-Pinchback.jpgPoets in Pajamas brings you Tzynya Pinchback at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST) on September 15th with a 15-minute live reading immediately followed by a short Q&A. The event will be held at the PiP Facebook page.

By clicking “going” to the Facebook event, you will let us know to expect you and will ensure that you are sent a reminder, so you don’t forget. Remember to prepare your questions for the featured poet, too!

Tzynya Pinchback is author of the chapbook How to Make Pink Confetti (dancing girl press, 2012). Poems and essays from her current manuscript, Tulle, have appeared or are forthcoming in The American Poetry Journal, The Aurorean, Mom Egg Review, Midnight & Indigo, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. She writes about things at www.tzynyapinchback.com.

How to Make Pink Confetti from dancing girl press
Tzynya Pinchback in Midnight & Indigo
Tzynya Pinchback in Up the Staircase Quarterly

Join us at the Poets in Pajamas Facebook page at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST) on September 15, 2019. When the live video starts, click join to watch the reading and interact with the poet.

Anna Black and Annie McIntosh will host.

This reading series is hosted courtesy of Sundress Publications.