PiP 108 Featuring Xuan Nguyen

Poets in Pajamas brings you Xuan Nguyen at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST) on March 7th with a 15-minute live reading immediately followed by a short Q&A. The event will be held at the PiP Facebook page.

By clicking “going” to the Facebook event, you will let us know to expect you and will ensure that you are sent a reminder, so you don’t forget. Remember to prepare your questions for the featured poet, too!

Xuan Nguyen || FEYXUAN is a disabled fey orchestral music composer, writer-poet, and illustrator-designer. Their recent projects have involved the solo development of aesthetic interactive fiction games exploring the nuances not exclusive to the following: power, trauma, madness, nonbinariness, divinity, and monstrosity. Their chapbooks include LUNG, CROWN, AND STAR (Dec 2020, Lazy Adventurer) and the upcoming THE FAIRIES SING EACH TO EACH (Feb 2021, Flower Press), and their upcoming novella is LIAR, LIONNESS (March 2021, Flower Press). Someday, they’d like to create something that makes them feel like Revolutionary Girl Utena does.Xuan Nguyen is the Art Director of Lazy Adventurer Publishing, and they are part of the Grimalkin Records collective and help out as a Graphic Designer.

Three Poems by Xuan Nguyen, beestung
The Divine Do Not Live on the First Floor,” Nectar Poetry
The Fey, The Fen,” Rodwell Magazine

Join us at the Poets in Pajamas Facebook page at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST) on March 7, 2020. When the live video starts, click join to watch the reading and interact with the poet.

Sarah Clark will host.

This reading series is hosted courtesy of Sundress Publications.

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