Welcome! Poets in Pajamas works to bring readings to people all over the world. Though called “Poets in Pajamas,” we do intersperse prose in both fiction and nonfiction through our selected readers. All readings begin at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific and are broadcast live on our Facebook page, HERE. Readings are about 15 minutes, and we do offer a chance for Q&A after the reading.

On behalf of the readers and staff at PiP, we hope you’ll join us.

Upcoming events, 2021-22:

7 March: Xuan Ngyuen
21 March: Ellen Chang-Richardson
11 April: S. Brook Corfman
25 April: Brody Parrish Craig
16 May: Jasmine An
30 May: Shannon Pulusan
13 June: Melissa Fite Johnson
27 June: Akua Lezli Hope
11 July: Dena Rod
25 July: .chisaraokwu.
8 August: Ayendy Bonifacio
22 August: Athena Dixon
5 September: Oscar Mancinas
19 September: Brittney Corrigan
3 October: Irene Cooper
17 October: Tamiko Beyer
7 November: Petra Kuppers
21 November: Maria S. Picone
5 December: Britny Cordera
19 December: Gwen Edward & Kara Dorris
2 January: Dania Ayah Alkhouli
16 January: tanner menard
30 January: Jalynn Harris

If you are D/deaf or Hard of Hearing and would like to request text copies of the works to be read for given date, please email

Automatic captioning is available via Facebook Live.