Welcome! Poets in Pajamas works to bring readings to people all over the world. Though called “Poets in Pajamas,” we do intersperse prose in both fiction and nonfiction through our selected readers. All readings begin at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific and are broadcast live on our Facebook page, HERE. Readings are about 15 minutes, and we do offer a chance for Q&A after the reading.

On behalf of the readers and staff at PiP, I hope you’ll join us.

Anna Black

Upcoming events, 2019:

6 January: Sophie Stid and Carlina Duan
20 January: Charlie Bondhus
3 February: Brionne Janae
17 February: Matthue Roth
3 March: Kathy Fagan
17 March: Leah Silvieus
31 March: Hali Sofala-Jones
14 April: Ana Portnoy Brimmer
28 April: Noel Quiñones
12 May: Raena Shirali
26 May: Gillian Cummings
9 June: Mia S. Willis
23 June: Shira Dentz
7 July: Malcolm Friend
21 July: Dedria Humphries Barker
4 August: Ruth Williams
18 August: Randon Billings Noble
1 September: Faye Hics
15 September: Tzynya Pinchback
29 September: Margo Perin
13 October: Heidi Czerwiec
27 October: Meg Eden
10 November: Akua Lezli Hope